KEM Hospital Research Centre, Pune

K.E.M Hospital, Pune celebrated its diamond jubilee in 1972. At that time a need was felt to further improve and expand their services.Read Further

With so much research activity going on, it is but natural that the centre has its own Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC). It was set up in 2003 as per ICMR guidelines. It has its own SOP which is updated at frequent interval. After the DCGI laid down new guidelines in February 2013, the IEC applied for and got its registration. The committee meets often as required to evaluate and approve scientific projects, clinical trials or post graduate studies. The institutional head is the authority under which the IEC is constituted. There are several non-institutional members, including chairman.

Ethics Committee

Sr No. Name Designation
1: Dr. S. Sivaram Chairman
2: Dr. N. Y. Kazi Member
3: Dr. (Mrs.) Sudha V. Kanitkar Member
4: Adv. Naresh Singh Member
5: Adv. Lalita Nargolkar Member
6: Dr.(Mrs.) A. Kaulagekar-Nagarkar Member
7: Dr.(Mrs.) Shilpa Karvande Member
8: Mrs. Anita.S. Khatal Member
9: Dr. D. D. Shetty Member
10: Mrs. P. R. Bharucha Member
11: Dr.(Mrs.) Laila Garda Secretary