KEM Hospital Research Centre, Pune

K.E.M Hospital, Pune celebrated its diamond jubilee in 1972. At that time a need was felt to further improve and expand their services.Read Further

Dept. of Biochemistry & Endocrinology

Head of Department:Dr S. S. Naik

The Pathology Department was started way back in 1965, being named as Rajabahadur Shivlal Motilal Laboratory. An Endocrinology department , the first of its kind in Pune, was added in 1973. Hormones were analysed using Bio-assay techniques. The Bhandari Radio-Immunoasay unit was put up in 1980; the Metabolic Unit was started in 1995. In 2001 we established Molecular Biology techniques.

It provides extensive- round the clock and customized services in the health and nutrition. The services are highly techno-scientific, required to the expanding horizons of Pune.

We operate from our State-of the art facility, equipped with latest updated technology. It is more than just a testing laboratory; we are a hub of investigation, discovery, creativity, development, innovation, quality and service. It is a group of professionals networking with a pool of scientists in the field of Pathology.

We have plans to serve the growing health scenario worldwide and make a mark in the preclinical trials through hematological, biochemical, immunological, molecular investigations as a support to clinical studies.

Our vision is simple. Commit ourselves to patient’s speedy recovery and to quality. We strive to be a trusted analytical testing services partner.

Our laboratory is well equipped with following instruments:

Fully automated random access biochemistry analyzers with 400 tests per hour, Cobas 400 plus, Hitachi 911
Automated Cell Counters – Coulter & Sysmax (8 parts)
Vitros-250-biochemistry analyser
Blood Gas analysers (ABL 500 & 505)
HPLC - Waters - for amino acids, therapeutic drugs, vitamins
Nephalometer-for small size proteins.
Thermal Cycler and GelDoc - Labmate
In-house Electrophoresis Unit (for Hb and Protein).

Quality Control:

We are part of External Quality Assurance Programme by Randox (UK), Biorad (USA) for Biochemistry, Hormones and Immunology and Children Disease Control (USA) for Inborn Errors of Metabolism.

What we do:

24x7 pathology service- investigations and interpretations in Biochemistry,Immunology, Endocrinology.
Detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis by PCR technique.
Detection of Hepatitis viral markers by PCR.
Estimation of therapeutic drug levels using HPLC.
Complete Neonatal Metabolic work and studies in Inborn Errors of Metabolism.
Our Strength:
Director and Hematologist:Dr (Mrs) Rumma Manchanda

Expertise:Dr S S Naik :

Trained at :

Sheffield Children Hospital, Sheffield- British Council Fellowship
Southampton Medical Hospital, Southhampton- Wellcome Trust Fellowship.
Dr. Naik has long standing analytical experience in Medical Biochemistry and Clinical Research.
Development of in-house Immunoassays
Delivering lectures in Biochemsitry and Immunology at various Institutions.

Academics :

Cources conducted:

For Pune University

1:] D.M.L.T.
2:] M.Sc.(Med. Biochemistry)
3:] Ph. D. (Med. Biochemistry)

C M E programmes for pathologists and laboratory technologists

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