KEM Hospital Research Centre, Pune

K.E.M Hospital, Pune celebrated its diamond jubilee in 1972. At that time a need was felt to further improve and expand their services.Read Further

Ongoing research activities – CCU & ICU

In the CCU and Neuro ICU we have currently undertaken the following research activities
(for year 2013-2014)
1) Comparison of Indian and Western classical music therapy with placebo on the dosages of sedation in critically ill patients in intensive care unit. (Randomised double blind placebo controlled trial)
2) A study of role of Erythropoietin in prevention of Acute Kidney Infection (AKI) in patients with septic shock. (A randomized single blind placebo controlled study)
3) A study of serum and urinary hepcidin and catalytic iron levels in patients with septic shock and Acute Kidney Infection (AKI) (Observational study)